Upon admission to the Madrid Campus, students are assisted by an academic advisor in selecting their courses for the first semester of study. These courses may be in fulfillment of general education requirements or may be related to the individual student’s possible major. During first semester orientation, students take placement tests in mathematics, Spanish and English to determine correct selection of these courses. During the first semester of study, the advisor will also provide instruction on online course selection and pre-registration procedures, which students will carry out for subsequent semesters. At midterm each semester, students will meet individually with the advisor to select courses for the following semester.

Once a student has declared a major (usually by the end of the first or beginning of the second year of study), he or she will be assigned a major advisor from the relevant department in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Sawyer Business School. This advisor will work closely with the student for the remainder of his or her studies, assisting in the appropriate choice and sequencing of the courses required or recommended for the major, bearing in mind the student’s special interests or needs.