Suffolk students enjoying the Suffolk Madrid experience

You're going to Madrid!

You're about to start your college career with the experience of a lifetime. Once you arrive in Spain's colorful capital, you'll have a whole new city, country, and culture to discover. You'll be surrounded by world-class museums, amazing cuisine, historic locales, and fellow students from around the world to meet and share the fun with. You'll refine your Spanish among native speakers every day, and broaden your knowledge of Spanish society. Your time here will change your life.

And you can begin your journey right now by making a deposit. The sooner we receive your deposit, the higher your priority for class pre-registration and housing preferences.



What's Next?

Pre-departure orientation in Boston: For students in the U.S., we will host a two-day pre-departure orientation in Boston in June (we'll let you know the exact dates) to help prepare you for your arrival to Madrid in the fall. You’ll stay overnight in the residence halls, and parents are welcome to attend on the second day. This will be an excellent opportunity to bond with your future classmates, get your visa questions answered, meet the Madrid staff members, and finalize your class registration.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend this orientation session, we’ll also be in touch via email, and would be happy to set up a Skype call if you want to go over things before arrival date. In addition, there will be another comprehensive orientation upon your arrival in Spain.

Madrid orientation/welcome trip: Upon your arrival in Madrid, we will have a weeklong orientation before classes begin. On-campus orientation sessions will focus on academic expectations, housing, transportation in the city, Spanish social customs, and other information to help you transition to your life in Madrid. Orientation will culminate in a four-day trip to Salamanca (fall starts) or Seville (spring starts), where you will explore these exciting cities through fun activities and cultural events. You’ll be making friends before classes even start! Check out our Academic & Cultural Orientation page for more information.