The Graduate Certificate in Disability Services is a 4-course (12 credit) program that prepares students for disability services positions in higher education institutions. Except for the practicum, which takes place in a disability services office, all courses are held online. You can complete this certificate within an academic year if you take two courses each semester. If you’d like to balance work with your studies, you may take one course per semester and complete the program in two years. 

This program will provide you with a thorough and practical training program grounded in research and identified best practices in the field. You’ll then apply your knowledge in the field during your practicum experience in a disability services office at a local college or university.

Course Offerings:

  • DSHE 710 – Introduction to Disability Services in Higher Education

    Provides a historical perspective and legal foundation of disability services as a functional area within the field of administration of higher education. Examines the various organizational structures, scope of programs and services, ethical responsibilities of institutions and administrators, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, legal guidelines and compliance concerns, and best practices associated with the provision of equal access to all academic and non-academic opportunities for diversely-abled students.

  • DSHE 720 – Disability, Documentation, and Reasonable Accommodations

    Explores disability profiles, documentation standards, and accommodation protocol for students with neurological, cognitive, physical, sensory, mental health, and chronic health related disabilities. Additional topics covered include lifespan and identity development of students with disabilities, social pragmatics and case management skills, disability as diversity, grievance procedures, and threat assessment.

  • DSHE 730 – Assistive Tech, Emerging Tech, and Web Access for Disability Services

    Covers the legal framework for providing auxiliary aids and services as matters of access and accommodation for students with disabilities, as well as web accessibility standards, best practices for accessibility testing, and the administration of accessibility policy.

  • DSHE 740 – High School and Career Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

    Explores the laws, regulations, and accommodation practices in K-12, higher education, and employment settings with a focus on developing transition plans and identifying resources for students with disabilities. Additional topics covered include identity development for persons with disabilities, strategies for individual career development, transition to independent living, engaging outside resources, collaborative efforts with key stakeholders, and the development of leadership skills centered on community education.

  • DSHE 745 – Practicum in Disability Services Administration

    The practicum experience provides for the practical application of administrative skills in the field of disability services under the guidance of a site supervisor at an institution of higher education. The experience helps students gain exposure to various fields of work, and it provides an opportunity for students to observe, experience, and understand employer/employee relationships within the disability services in higher education environment.